New bicycle parking system in the Zutphen bike park

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:05-07-2012

The Zutphen municipality has deployed a new bike parking system that keeps track of the time bikes spend parked in the bike park.&Bikes that stay too long are removed.

Bike parks at stations are intended for the benefit of train commuters and these measures are to prevent the misuse of the bike park for long term storage. It is known that about 15% of bikes in station bike parks are practically never used. In order to determine a bike’s length of stay, the bike racks have been equipped with switches that are activated during placement of the bicycle. If the bike stays longer than 10 days in the same spot, its owner would then have pay €1.20 per day. Bikes that spend longer than 15 days in the same spot are removed and placed in a depot for 2.5 months where they can be retrieved for a €25 administrative fee. The system enables cyclists to see on a digital screen which places are free upon entry to the bike park.


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New bicycle parking system in the Zutphen bike park

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