Pickup cycle 2.0

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:08-06-2010

It is still merely a prototype, but it is looks very cool anyway. The two young designers do not call it a carrier cycle, but a pickup cycle. It can transport a bed or three-seat sofa.

This is the master thesis project of Onno Sminia and Louis Pierre Geerinckx, two Industrial Design students at Delft Technical University. The idea arose from a classical student problem: how do I move all my stuff to my new digs without having to rent a car?
The pickup cycle – some three metres long and one metre wide - is constructed out of light steel sections and a synthetic body. The pickup cycle combines man and machine power. Two persons provide the propulsion, supported by electric assistance. The bicycle may, if desired, be converted into a pedicab, allowing transportation of people.
The students intend to continue development of this idea and have started up their own company (www.vrachtfiets.nl).


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