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Start of the trial with safe bike bollards

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:02-08-2013

The Hardenberg municipality has started using the first trial location for testing bike posts. Flexible LED-illuminated bike posts have been installed, as well as a road markings set in a ribbed pattern. These changes were made to reduce the number of cycling accidents. Because the flexible bike posts better absorb the energy of a collision, cyclists are not expected to suffer severe injuries after colliding with one. The project is being financed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environ

Bike Bollards are useful for keeping automobiles off cycling paths, but they carry their own risks. People can run into them, fall, and end up in the hospital. About one hundred cyclists are admitted to hospital each year following an encounter with a bike bollard, and most of the victims are senior citizens. Bike bollards should therefore only be installed after a definite need for them has been clearly demonstrated, according to CROW (Centrum voor Regelgeving en Onderzoek in de Grond-, Water- en Wegenbouw en de Verkeerstechniek – The Technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space). Besides Hardenberg, the municipalities of Barneveld, Enschede, Houten, Utrecht, and Zwolle are also participating in the “Safer Bike Bollard” pilot by setting up their own trial locations - each researching a different solution. The trials will be evaluated in the course of the next 6 months.

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Start of the trial with safe bike bollards

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