Best Practices Dutch Cycling - 10. City Hall

  • Soort:Voorbeeldenbank
  • Uitgever:Dutch Cycling Embassy
  • Datum:14-01-2021
Chapter 10 of the book 'Best Practices Dutch Cycling'.


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  • City Hall

    The bicycle touches every field of life: urban planning, economy, health, mobility, quality of life, and so on. When you cycle in the Netherlands, you do it next to doctors, politicians, teachers, sanitation workers, bankers, and even footballers. That’s why municipalities in the Netherlands are seeing the bicycle as more than just a question of infrastructure. City halls around the country are using the bicycle as a promoter of a variety of programs, such as health, education, economy, and inclusivity.​

    Tour de Force

    This book has been developed on behalf of Tour de Force.


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Best Practices Dutch Cycling - 10. City Hall

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