Best Practices Dutch Cycling - 6. Cycle Highways

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  • Uitgever:Dutch Cycling Embassy
  • Datum:14-01-2021
Chapter 6 of the book 'Best Practices Dutch Cycling'.


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  • Cycle Highways

    The bicycle is not only the most efficient way to move around cities, it can also be an attractive mode of transportation between cities. In recent years, the Netherlands has been developing a network of fast, super high-quality connections between cities, making recreational and functional cycling even more attractive. Better be careful with the wording however: a ‘cycling highway’ fits into the car narrative of building multi-lane highways, sparking fears of noise, reduced safety, and other detrimental effects.​

    Tour de Force

    This book has been developed on behalf of Tour de Force.


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Best Practices Dutch Cycling - 6. Cycle Highways

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