Best Practices Dutch Cycling - 8. Wayfinding

  • Soort:Voorbeeldenbank
  • Uitgever:Dutch Cycling Embassy
  • Datum:14-01-2021
Chapter 8 of the book 'Best Practices Dutch Cycling'.


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  • Wayfinding

    Imagine cycling along a state-of-the-art bicycle route and arriving at an intersection. To which direction shall you turn? Left, or right? That’s exactly where good wayfinding systems come into play: signs, marks, and boards show cyclists their way, guiding the users along the route. The best wayfinding elements are so intuitive that you hardly
    feel them, but they help you get to your destination safely and comfortably.

    Tour de Force

    This book has been developed on behalf of Tour de Force.


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Best Practices Dutch Cycling - 8. Wayfinding

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