Best Practices Dutch Cycling - 12. Campaigns

  • Soort:Voorbeeldenbank
  • Uitgever:Dutch Cycling Embassy
  • Datum:14-01-2021
Chapter 12 of the book 'Best Practices Dutch Cycling'.


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  • Campaigns

    “If you build it, they will come” is a famous phrase in the planning world. When cycling supporters say it, they refer to the need of safe and attractive cycling infrastructure to get more people on the bike. In the Netherlands, lack of bicycle infrastructure is not a problem, and yet many people don’t cycle. That’s why the role of campaigning is so important: how can we raise awareness to cycling, and attract more people to do so?​

    Tour de Force

    This book has been developed on behalf of Tour de Force.


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Best Practices Dutch Cycling - 12. Campaigns

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